Born in Maine, relocated to New Orleans  and Massachusetts by High School. I was first involved in lighting during High School Theatre. I learned the basics of power, hanging, and programming conventional lighting. It was not until College at Full Sail University where I became educated with intelligent lighting. After college, I worked for Carnival Cruise lines for 4 years as a Lighting Technician. After ships, I moved back to New Orleans and did the grind of production company repair tech. Shortly later I was promoted to full show and shop tech, which led to becoming L1 and crew chief for various productions. In the 3 years I worked for the production company, I managed all size shows from corporate break outs to multi-million dollar private events. I worked many live activations for professional sports, such as the NFL Draft, NBA Opening Night, and NCAA Football Playoff Concert Series.

Currently I am Free-Lancing in the Big Easy, supporting tours for NECK DEEP, THE USED, and WE THE KINGS. My responsibilities include design, programming, rental organization, and all daily show lighting obligations. I am currently open to new touring offers.

If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact me.


A lighting professional with my extensive production background will be a valuable addition to your company or tour.
During my ten years in show production, I have performed and managed every aspect of production. 
From lighting design to show-site crew chief, I have adapted my capabilities to grow into various roles. I have also managed the day to day tasks of production, including front-end paperwork, equipment repairs, and warehouse inventory.I know the intricacies of producing shows in a variety of venues, beach sets to small clubs and studios to the largest arenas and stadiums.
My broad range experiences and my commitment to production excellence will be indispensable to your company or tour. I am ambitious, creative, and technically skilled.

Please see my resume for details of my work experiences and technical training.